About us

Everything the universe right from the planets, stars to the human beings are connected and interrelated to each other. According to the ancient scripts and vedic studies of scholars and brahmacharya, there is an instinctive correlation of the heavenly bodies and the events happening to the Mother Earth. And the study of this co-relations, predictions and instinctive decisions is collectively known as Astrology.
Acharya Ashish Ji, a world-renowned astrologer, is one the most cultured and empowered astrologers in India. He has shown a very keen and deep understanding of astrology from his childhood. He further developed to the deep Vedic  Sciences behind astrology and have studied and completed his education from Banaras Hindu University.
Acharya Ashish Ji is a very down to earth person and a very able astrologer can refer to the ancient Granths and Upanishads and with the deep knowledge he holds, he can perfectly co-relate the positions of stars planets,Rashi's with human life and hence he is able to cancel the negative energy and effects which as a leads to a perfectly happy life.
With professional expertise in Falit Jyotish and gemmology, he always suggests a very accurate and creative approach to every negative energy a client holds and with full dedication and vast experience, his creative remedies are a sure shot Fix to any problem, which the client holds.
With client from western countries like USA, Germany, European countries, Indonesia, he has a worldwide following and can solve the client’s problems ranging from career-related field to marriages conceiving problem and many more.